Wednesday, September 4, 2013

God will see me through

   It was a rainy June day, and we had just finished music practice. I was up in my room when suddenly I heard running through the house and excited voices calling me and saying something about a tornado. It sounded like the real thing to me, so I ran downstairs to the mudroom. On the way down, I wondered what would I take with me to the storm room if I knew that all my other possessions would be gone.  
   Well, I looked out the window with Mama and saw the wind rotating on the other side of our grain bins. It looked like the tornado was coming toward us. I felt afraid, and so I prayed. I felt God's peace, and I felt that everything was fine.
    Later, while surveying the storm damage, we saw that our nearest neighbor to the southeast lost his barn and had some tree damage, and our neighbor to the northeast also had trees damaged and a shed missing. It wasn't a big or strong tornado, but God was with us and protected us. 
   No matter what may threaten, I can look back and see what God has done and know that God will see us through.