Friday, February 24, 2012

...Endless Life...

One evening, while I and my sister were singing together, I was thinking about the "old times" when I was younger and of old people near the end of thier lives. I thought that I should go around collecting old people, but that doesn't mean they won't grow older and leave. As I was sadly pondering this, we started to sing the song, "Jesus Saves!"

We came to the verse:
"Sing above the battle strife: Jesus saves! Jesus saves!
By His death and endless life Jesus saves! Jesus saves!
Shout it brightly through the gloom, when the heart for mercy craves;
Sing in triumph o’er the tomb: Jesus saves! Jesus saves!"

The words, "His...endless life" stood out to me. I suddenly remembered that when God came to live in me, He gave me Eternal Life; which means God's life. God's life is endless, so God has given me endless life! ...endless...! Without beginning or ending! The only way to really 'collect' people, is to tell them of God's wonderful gift of His Life! That way, they also can have God's life!
After finishing our singing, I went to sleep sssooooo happy!
Don't selfishly keep this secret for yourself, tell everybody!